Gaga is the movement language developed by Ohad Naharin throughout his work as a choreographer and Artistic Director of Batsheva Dance Company.

The language of Gaga originated from the belief in the ‘healing, dynamic, and ever-changing power of movement,’ helping participants connect to their bodies and to various physical sensations. The improvisational nature of the class is guided by the teacher, who also participates, through a series of image-driven prompts. At Gaga’s core we learn to listen deeply to our bodies, absorbing the information in layers as we practice these consecutive tasks. Participants are encouraged to explore their range between weakness and strength, awaken numb areas in the body and become aware of habits. The classes offer a workout that investigates an array of tools such as form and speed to delicacy or exaggeration, culminating in a multi-sensory and physically challenging experience. Without mirrors or spectators, we will use this hour and fifteen minute opportunity to explore the principles of gaga, connecting to our imaginations and the pleasure of moving.

Following class, we will delve into phrase work based on sensations explored in gaga as well as researching the interchange between the use of gravity and sculpting of space, through floor work. Building upon our movement discoveries, we will give space for our creativity through compositional, improvisational, and theatrical tasks. Always playing within an atmosphere of offering, questioning, and sharing, while connecting to the pleasure of moving and making!


Photo by: Mieko Rose


Olivia Ancona