BodyVox is Seeking Dancers!

BodyVox Company Reel from BodyVox on Vimeo.

We are seeking experienced professional dancers who are theatrical, athletic, and have a strong contemporary ballet base. Any acrobatic training or ability is a welcome plus.

Feel free to send resume, photos, and video clips. We will contact you after reviewing the submissions.

Compensation includes a highly competitive salary, health benefits, and exciting work in a world renowned dance company. A BODYVOX season includes national and international touring engagements as well as an extensive home season as health conditions allow.

Send submissions to:

If you require additional information please contact Daniel Kirk:



Since its founding in 1997, BODYVOX has grown into one of Oregon’s most engaging, best loved performing arts ensembles - a rare dance company with a distinctive approach that is theatrical, rich in imagery, and diverse in style and form. Led by Emmy Award-winning choreographers Jamey Hampton and Ashley Roland, BODYVOX is known for its visual virtuosity, distinctive wit, and unique ability to combine dance, theater, and film into breathtaking productions rich in imagery, athleticism, and humor. BODYVOX has toured to stages around the world, developed 9 award winning films, 30 original shows, and 3 operas, featuring more than 200 original dances.
Based in Portland, Oregon, BODYVOX’s movement surges from a fascination with the endless possibilities of the human body in motion, informed by years of cross training and layers of experience. Hampton and Roland are distinguished artists on the world stage, formed by their years working as creators and performers with innovative dance companies Momix, ISO Dance, and Pilobolus. BodyVox builds upon this tradition of excellence with a unique voice that is equally influenced by its Northwest roots and world view.

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