BODYVOX's Junior Artist Generator (JAG)

Junior Artist Generator, JAG, is the dance training and performance program at the home of Portland's world renowned dance company, BODYVOX. 

JAG’s training program, designed for high school and gap year dancers, consists of a multidisciplinary curriculum to develop versatility in a variety of dance idioms.

Dancers will participate in fully produced performance programs with opportunities for supplemental performances at area events. BODYVOX seeks to infuse our students with a commitment to collaboration, inclusiveness, and performance, and most importantly, curiosity and joy in life, art, and dance.

We want everyone to be able to dance! The JAG program offers scholarships based on merit, financial need, and in celebration of diversity.

*** Come see JAG Company dancers take the stage Tuesday, May 23rd at Lincoln High School! Show starts at 4pm and it's FREE! 


BODYVOX looks forward to having you. We are a magical company directed by Jamey Hampton and Ashley Roland, who have won Emmy Awards and achiecved international success. BODYVOX has a deep, rich library of repertoire and we are pleased to announce that this year you will be working, and mentored by, current and former company members to study, learn, and perform both repertoire and exciting new works by renowned choreographers. 

This year you will have an exciting training program, including: 

* BODYVOX Repertory

* Dance on Film (Choreograph and Direct)

* Bharatanatyam (Classical Indian Dance)

* Chicago Jazz

* Contemporary Ballet

* Mentorship by a BODYVOX Company Member

Being a part of the BODYVOX JAG Program is an incredible opportunity for personal and artistic growth while fostering a sense of community with your peers. We are excited to dance with you this year and look forward to witnessing your growth. 



Dancers will be paired with a BODYVOX company dancer for the season. This program is intended to serve as a mentorship between professional dancers and the JAG students. This may include BODYVOX dancers attending rehearsals and providing students with feedback and being a general sounding board for anything that may arise throughout the season. We are hoping that this is an inspiring opportunity for the JAG dancers. JAG dancers are also provided the opportunity to take any open classes at BODYVOX Dance Center for free as part of their training throughout the season. Additionally, JAG dancers get free tickets to all BODYVOX Dance Company performances that take place at our dance center. They are invited to attend Thursday evening performances as a group and will be notified when this takes place. 


You will be expected to behave as a professional and work hard. You should show up to class/rehearsal on timte and stay the whole time. If you are unable to attend, please let us know ahead of time. 


BODYVOX fosters a positive atmosphere and educational environment for all students. Your commitment to supporting your dancer is greatly appreciated. Please encourage your dancer to attend classes/rehearsals regularly and to communicate with the JAG Artistic Director, Director of Education and/or their teachers if any questions or challenging situations arise. 


Tuition for the year is $4,000. There are no additional costume or performance fees associated with this program. We offer payment plans and scholarships based on need. Final details will be worked out on an individual basis. 

For additional information regarding the JAG Training Program, please contact or call 503.229.0627.


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