COVID-19 Info

To ensure a safe and healthy environment, All BODYVOX artists, teachers, and staff are *up to date* on COVID-19 vaccination requirements as defined by the CDC, which in many cases means a booster is required.


Masks are optional for all visitors and students except for our Mask Only Matinee performances, where masks are required (see below). We look forward to seeing your faces! But if you decide to stay masked, we also support that decision.


Attending Classes
Because our dance classes involve aerobic activity in groups for extended periods of time, we continue to require all class visitors and participants to be *up to date* on Covid-19 vaccination requirements as defined by the CDC, which in many cases means a booster is required; and symptom-free of any infectious disease. See the official CDC guidance here.


Attending Performances
BODYVOX values the health, safety, and peace of mind of our patrons during performances, and so we ask that all attendees be symptom-free of any infectious disease. We highly encourage masking, especially if you feel you are at risk.  Please be respectful of others at all times.


Mask only Matinees
BODYVOX provides special mask-only performances where all staff, volunteers, and audience members are required to mask. This is usually a matinee, or maskinee.


Ticket Exchanges and Refunds
If you are not symptom free, please stay home!  We will gladly exchange or refund your ticket.  If you would like to exchange your evening performance for the maskinee, or vice versa, we will happily accomodate you. 

For all your ticket needs, please call (503) 229-0627. 

Thank you for your patience. We are doing our very best to keep everyone healthy and dancing!

Upcoming Performances