Education / Outreach

BodyVox's E-Team uses dance to engage, energize and empower students in kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school. BodyVox's school assemblies, artist in residence programs, student previews and master classes reach 35,000 students annually in Oregon and Southwest Washington.


Artist in Residence

Experience the joy of creativity and movement through the BodyVox Artists in Residence program. Students will work with a partner to develop choreography that reflects the specific content of the individual program, and by the end, will have the opportunity to perform their original choreography for their classmates.

BodyVox Teaching Artists interact with your class in a series of classroom sessions that give students a long-term creative experience.






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Components of the Artists in Residence Program Include:
  • A planning meeting with school teacher, principal, and BodyVox Teaching Artist.
  • Five classroom sessions, once a week, 50 minutes each, 30 students per class.
  • A culminating performance during the last classroom session.
  • An evaluation meeting with school teacher and Teaching Artist.


Students Will
  • Learn the curriculum topic through directed and free dance movements. 
  • Work with a partner to improvise collaboratively and develop choreography. 
  • Share/perform their choreography for their classmates.
  • Reflect about the work by speaking in small groups, and writing/drawing in journals.


Residencies can take place during or after school. If the educational needs of your classroom differ from the residencies offered below we are able to adapt to different educational or curriculum areas in most cases.


Our “Making Science Dance” Program - Grades 2-5

In this residency students will generate choreography that explores the forces, pathways, and relationships present in the solar system. Through dance improvisation and working with a partner, concepts of rotation, axis, gravity, and orbit are explored.


Making Plants Dance - Grades K-2

Students will explore concepts of seed germination, plant development, and pollination as they develop choreography with a partner that explores the forces, directions and relationships present in the life cycle of plants.


Making Physics Dance - Grades 6-8

In Making Physics Dance, students will explore dance as both an art and a science while developing their own choreography.  Students will analyze and measure motion in terms of reference point, speed and velocity - drawing connections with basic principles of Physical Science.  Dance improvisation and group work allows students to use their own bodies as a tool for discovering and understanding the science of motion.  At the residency’s conclusion each partner group will have the opportunity to perform their original choreography for their classmates. Join BodyVox in experiencing the joy of creativity and movement.

Master Classes


Master Classes are available locally or in conjunction with a BodyVox touring performance. Classes are taught by BodyVox company members.

For information about scheduling a Master Class please contact BodyVox at 503.229.0627 or email

Improvisation - Middle School & Above

We will use improvisation as a method of gathering materials for composition with emphasis on developing personal strengths, moving beyond self-imposed limitations, and freeing the body from the confines of the intellect. Move from self-judgment to self-awareness. Search for choreographic materials in unlikely places and techniques. Explore fresh territory.


Filmmakers' Workshop - High School & Above

A program designed for a small group of student filmmakers (often offered through a university film department), this class includes hands-on filmmaking as well as discussions about camera placement and the role of the camera in the dance; audience point of view; the use of editing to manipulate the sense of time and space in a dance; and the integration of live video with live dance.

Video Residency - Grades K-4

Recommended for young students, this program consists of a videotaped introduction to BodyVox and the company’s creative process. Students are introduced to everyday movements and concepts that can become dance, and are invited to choreograph their own dance to music provided by BodyVox. A team of dancers will then visit with the students to share BodyVox’s interpretation of the music, view the student pieces and compare choreographic results.

Student Previews

K-12: Students are invited to attend pick up rehearsals of BodyVox’s home season performances.  Student previews are offered during the school day and include a full run through of the performance followed by a brief question and answer period with the artists.



Per student - $5
Chaperones free.

Call 503.229.0627 or email to discuss scheduling and age suitability of each show.

School Assemblies


BodyVox school assemblies are designed to entertain and educate students about science and dance through a carefully created interactive movement and performance experience. Each program is 50 minutes in length and can be modified to fit the age of the audience.



Please contact us for fees.

For information about booking or pricing please contact BodyVox at 503.229.0627 or email

Outside the Vox - K-8

BodyVox blends bold athleticism and freewheeling imagination with dance, comical characters and energizing rhythms to explore the connection between science, math and dance.  Discovering the cause-and-effect relationship of force on a dancer’s body leads to discussions fueled by creative thinking.  Interactive demonstration allow students to experience how relationships in numbers and shapes affect the timing and  spacing of movement.  Each Segment of this unique program has two parts: dance as art (performance) and dance as science (discussion and audience participation). BodyVox empowers students to break free of their own boundaries by illuminating the link between learning and applying science and math to dance.  The company tailors the science and math concepts it demonstrates to assure age and grade appropriateness.