Junior Artist Generator (JAG)

Join the training and performance program at the home of Portland's world renowned dance company, BodyVox. 

JAG’s training program, designed for high school and gap year dancers, consists of a demanding multidisciplinary curriculum to develop versatility, flexibility, and improvisational skills. Students develop a strong dance foundation based in ballet, contemporary, jazz techniques, and improv. In addition, dancers participate in fully produced performance programs with opportunities for supplemental performances at area events. BodyVox seeks to infuse our students with a commitment to performance, and most importantly, curiosity and joy in life, art, and dance.

Teachers and choreographers include: Heather Jackson, Nick Jurica, Andrea Parson, Anna Hooper, Thorey Mountain, Jonathan Sadony, Sara Parker, Rachel Slater, Maria Tucker, Vanessa Thiessen, as well as BodyVox Artistic Directors: Jamey Hampton and Ashley Roland.

When: September 2022 - June 2023

For additional information on enrollment, please contact Sara Parker: sara@bodyvox.com or call 503.229.0627.

JAG-2 Youth Training Program

BodyVox’s Youth Training Program is designed for middle school dancers and consists of a multidisciplinary curriculum to develop creativity, expressivity, a love of dance, and a sense of community with their peers. This inclusive environment will harness the individual needs of each student in relationship to the group dynamic. Dancers of all backgrounds and abilities are encouraged to participate! No audition required for admittance. Begins Fall 2022!

Students will hone a strong foundation based in Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz techniques, Bharatanatyam, Improvisation, and other movement modalities. In addition, dancers participate in fully produced performance at the end of the season. BodyVox seeks to infuse our students with a commitment to curiosity and joy in life, art, and dance!

Teachers and Choreographers include: Subashini Ganesan, Anna Hooper, Jessica Post, and Vanessa Theissen. 

For additional information regarding BodyVox's Youth Training Program, please contact Sara Parker: sara@bodyvox.com or call 503.229.0627.


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