CineVox Dance Film Festival

May 11-13, 2023

CineVox Is Back!

Oregon's premiere dance film festival returns May 11-13 at BODYVOX! CineVox Dance Film Festival is dedicated to sharing innovative new dance films from around the world as well as here in Portland. Long-form or short, aggressive or whimsical, from established or emerging artists...CineVox is an open and inclusive forum designed to advance the art form of dance on film, and thereby the art of dance itself. 

All Access Festival Pass available for $40! This pass gives you access to all three evening programs of CineVox. 

2023 CineVox Dance Film Festival programs include:

Thursday, May 11 at 7:30pm | NATURE IS DANCING

An enchanting display of dance film shorts that celebrate the beauty and harmony between movement and nature. 

Catch of the Day | Director: Rob Uehlin | United States

Dear Roots; An Interview | Director: Darian Kane | United States

Ghostly Labor: A Dance Film | Directors: John Jota Leaños & Vanessa Sanchez | United States 

Headway | Director: Idy Vandepas | United States

Herbarium | Director: Iwona Pasińska | Poland 

PAIR | Director: Roxanne Gray | United States

The Message 2022 | Director: Makino Hayashi | United State

Buy tickets here! Tickets are priced at $15 with general admission seating.

Friday, May 12 at 7:30pm | THE HUMAN CONDITION 

An inspiring experience of dance film shorts that explores the human condition and the essence of the human spirit through the art of dance. 

All You Have Is You | Director: Finleigh Zack | United States

Cognitive Dissonance | Director: Anthony Chirco | United States

Dancing with Dementia | Director: Elaine Harvey | United Kingdom 

LAYERS | Directors: Rose Sutton & Alexa Whyte | United States

Pûr'sĭ-kyo͝o'shən| Persecution | Director: Ola Sollie | Norway

Shared Canvas | Director: Aleksej Nutz | Germany

Tableau | Director: Roxanne Gray | United States

the construct of one | Director: Hayden Americus Rivas | United States

Twine | Director: Ana Contreras & Keely Song | United States

The Lost Mission | Director: Fang Guan & yue Jia Yu | China

The Wall | Director: Liudmila Komrakova | Russian Federation

Wait a Minute | Director: Marta Renzi | United State

Buy tickets here! Tickets are priced at $15 with general admission seating.

Saturday, May 13 at 4pm | GROUNDS THAT SHOUT!

GROUNDS THAT SHOUT!…and Others Merely Shaking is a film documentary of the 2019 dance project, curated by Reggie Wilson with choreography created by Fist and Heel Performance Group. This project featured eight choreographers and dance groups at three historic churches in Philadelphia (St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Old Pine Street Church, and Mother Bethel A.M.E. church) and the spaces between them. Directors: Gordon Divine “Dee” Asaah and Reggie Wilson.

Free program - reserve seats here! | General Admission seating. 

Saturday, May 13 at 7:30pm | TALES OF TWO CHOREOGRAPHERS

Two feature length dance films showcasing choreographers and dancers Hans van Manen and Sir Robert Cohan.

* Just Dance the steps by Hans van Manen | Netherlands: An intimate and visual portrait about Dutch Master choreographer Hans van Manen, who turned 90 last summer. Directed by Willem Aerts.

* Lockdown Portraits by Sir Robert Cohan | United Kingdom: Seven solo dances, created during Covid-19 lockdown, by choreographer Sir Robert Cohan, at the age of 95. Set to music by Nils Frahm and Ólafur Arnalds, produced by Yorke Dance Project and directed by David Stewar

Buy tickets here! Tickets are priced at $15 wtih general admission seating.




CineVox Dance Film Festival


May 11-13, 2023



1201 NW 17th Ave.
Portland, OR 97209