Building on its fruitful history of working in film, BodyVox has embarked on a new approach to its unique brand of dance theater with The Cutting Room.

Utilizing a mash up of cinematic scenes as a portal and architectural framework, The Cutting Room is an exploration of the motion picture experience. By stripping away the layers of Hollywood illusion, this original production will journey to an intersection of nostalgia, performance and innovation, where we find movies and memories at the heart of our shared experiences. Through the diverse genres of Action, Romance, Comedy, Sci-Fi, and Americana BodyVox knits together an immersive theatrical experience that feels familiar and yet utterly original and unique.

“What The Cutting Room achieves is to distill the essence of movie storytelling without weighting it down with any actual story. And it has fun doing it. It’s a situational comedy, a comedy of mood and ritual trappings. “Stella!” a voice cries; or, “I’ll have what she’s having”; or “I know that you and Frank were planning to disconnect me, and I’m afraid that’s something I cannot allow to happen”; and we all know what the scene is and where, in Hollywood dreamland, we are.” Oregon Arts Watch

The Cutting Room tours with 12 dancers, and 2 technicians. Includes Outreach.

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For more information regarding BodyVox or The Cutting Room, please contact us.  503/229.0627


Photos by: David Krebs and Randall L. Milstein
Artistic Director
Ashley Roland
Artistic Director
Jamey Hampton