BodyVox brings...

the Pearl Dive Project to a global virtual stage with the 2021 limited streaming series. Taking an unprecedented approach to dance-making, Artistic Directors Jamey Hampton and Ashley Roland have invited a new group of highly creative individuals who have never worked in dance before, asking the question: “What will happen when artists and innovators working at the peak of their profession immerse themselves in a craft they’ve never considered?” Each episode of the Pearl Dive Project follows the creative process from concept to final dance, melding creative worlds in a collaboration of movement and ideas, the likes of which have never been seen.

Introducing the Pearl Dive Project collaborators: 
Ludovico Einaudi (Italy), Lois Greenfield (United States), Matt Groening (United States), Yiyun Li (China) and Poison Waters (United States). 

  • Episode 1: Lois Greenfield - American photographer
  • Episode 2: Poison Waters - American drag queen, personality and experience
  • Episode 3: Ludovico Einaudi -  Italian composer and pianist 
  • Episode 4: Yiyun Li - Chinese-born writer and Professor
  • Episode 5: Matt Groening - Cartoonist, writer, producer, and animator (creator of The Simpsons)


"There is so much fresh energy and unexpected discoveries in these Pearl Dive films. What a great project! I found myself dancing along at home."
Ronni Lacroute, BodyVox Patron



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