Reverie creates a world of beauty, strength and delight with a bit of humor and the richness which all of that affords.

Both complex and refreshingly simple, Reverie is inspired by the impressionist era and builds from an overriding belief in the power of beauty.

Conceived by BodyVox’s Artistic Directors Jamey Hampton and Ashley Roland in the months surrounding 9/11, the horror that unfolded on that day led to the creation of a show with beauty as it’s central theme. Jamey Hampton recalls “As we gathered in the studio that day and those that followed, we came to believe that a program with beauty as its central theme could be a powerful statement: art must prevail, humanity must prevail, culture, knowledge and freedom of expression, indeed beauty must prevail. We named the program “Reverie.” implying that this is one to sweep us up and carry us away.”

Since the show’s Portland premiere in 2001, BodyVox has performed Reverie on tour throughout the US and internationally throughout Europe, Mexico, and Japan. The work was featured in the company’s 2004 New York debut prompting Jennifer Dunning of the New York Times to write: “BodyVox, based in Portland, Ore., approaches dance with a breezy freshness and simplicity that is all its own.” Newsday dance reviewer Jeremy Caplan proclaimed: “BodyVox’s superb program at the Joyce Theater eclectically blends film with dance and grace with humor.” That same year BodyVox was invited to perform Reverie at Tokyo’s International “We Love Dance” festival. Reverie tours with 6-7 dancers and 2 technicians. Includes Outreach.

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Photos by: Blaine Truitt Covert and Randall L. Milstein
Artistic Director
Ashley Roland
Artistic Director
Jamey Hampton