Developed through a series of hugely popular sold out performances on BodyVox’s home stage in Portland Oregon,

Smoke Soup is set to the haunting, propulsive music of vaunted songwriter and Grammy Award winner Joe Henry. Utilizing movement, imagery and Henry’s deeply personal, distinctly American music, Smoke Soup follows a cast of characters through a richly layered, intensely physical dance theater cycle.

Performed with a live indy rock band led by bassist Michael Papillo, Henry’s music is re-imagined as funk, tango, anthem, torch and rockabilly to create a theatrical cabaret that “....stirs together images of grace and struggle, earthiness and atmosphere, suggesting the ways we draw nourishment from ephemeral experience.” (The Oregonian)

Smoke Soup tours with 12 dancers, 5 musicians, 3 singers and 2 technicians. Includes Outreach.

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For more information regarding BodyVox or Smoke Soup, please contact us.  503/229.0627


“It is a strange thing for someone like me, who fishes for songs in solitude, to see them hauled up and consumed on behalf of someone else’s vision. Strange indeed; but wondrous. There is little, in fact, more satisfying than seeing one’s work tested beyond its original intent. In the case of BodyVox and their performance piece entitled “Smoke Soup,” I watch and listen while a vocabulary of my own invention is used to speak sentences I couldn’t have envisioned. I consider this a gift: that someone might offer me a new way into my own body of work. I can only imagine what this might do to my thinking here forward, but just barely.” ~Joe Henry


Photo by: David Krebs
Artistic Director
Ashley Roland
Artistic Director
Jamey Hampton